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VZ58 Barrel Surplus (vz58barrel)
Surplus VZ58 Barrel Assembly
Includes parts pictured, exterior finish poor to fair condition. 
Chrome lined bore in good condition. 

Made in Czechoslovakia
1919A4 7.62 NATO Barrel (1919barrel)
1919A4 7.62 NATO Barrel
Chrome lined bore.
Used in good condition with light surface rust to exterior. 

Made in Israel
M2HB Barrel .50 BMG (m2hbbarrel)
M2HB .50 BMG Barrel
New old stock, may have minor blemishes to finish.
Manufactured by Sabre Defense.
M14 Barrel New Chrome Lined 22" (m14barrel)
New Criterion M14 Barrel 7.62x51 NATO
Standard profile, 22" length.
1/12 Twist
Chrome lined, exterior phosphated. 

Made In USA
F-1 Practice Grenade, Inert, Bulgarian (f1grenade)
Inert Bulgarian F1 practice grenade. Copy of Russian model.
May have rust, very well worn from use.
MG42 Bipod (M53 Yugo) (mg42bipod)
This is an original Post WWII bipod assembly for the German MG-3, MG-42 and Yugo 53 machine guns. The steel bipod is in used, good condition with finish wear and minor surface rust or small dents in some cases.

Made In Yugoslavia
PKM Tripod Mount, Polish (pkmtripod)
Polish made PKM/PK tripod mounts.

Used in good condition.

These mounts are generally known as Stepanov mounts.

These do not fit the PKT

Item ships direct from the distributor.
M2 30 CAL Tripod, Israeli (m2tripod30cal)
Israeli Surplus M2 30 CAL Tripods

For use with 1919, M60, M240, ect. 

Does NOT include T&E or pintle. 

Painted with considerable wear to finishes. 

These may be US or Israeli manufactured tripods, various years. We do not offer hand pick.

These tripods all came out of Israel as surplus and thus are being offered that way, we will not sort or grade them by year or manufacture. 
M240 & M249 T&E & Pintle Set (240mountkit)
Used M240/M29 T&E and pintle set for the 30 CAL M2 Tripod.
Used in good condition.
Colt M7 Bayonet (m7bayonet)
Colt marked M7 bayonets. Used in good condition. Fits M16, AR15 Made in USA
M3 50BMG Bolt (m350bolt)
M3 50BMG Bolt
Stripped of all parts
Used in good condition
Works in M2hb but will require M3 bolt parts.
Yugoslavian Lafette MG42 Mount (lafette_no_optic)
Yugoslavian produced Lafette mount for mg42 variants.
These mounts do not have the optic mount.
They are in serviceable condition but are well used with wear to the paint, dents, dings ect.
This item ships direct from the distributor.
Czech URG 86 Grenades, Crate of 20 (czechgrenadecrate)
Crate of 20 Czech URG-86SK grenades.
These grenades are inert.
PGO-7 Optic (pgo7optic)
PGO-7 optic with case and accessories. 
Used in good condition
For RPG-7
RPG Gunner's bag (rpgbag)
RPG gunner's bag, holds 2 rockets. 
Made of canvas material.
Used in good condition.
Various manufacturers.
125mm APERS Ammunition Inert (125mmapers)
125mm Soviet APERS inert ammuntion.
1 round in wooden crate.
152mm HE Ammunition, Inert, Russian (152mmhe)
Inert 152mm HE ammuntion.
Russian made.
1 round in wooden crate.
This product must ship freight, 170lbs. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.
30mm round, Inert, Russian (30mmround)
One piece, inert 30mm Russian ammunition.
30mm Rounds, Inert, Russian, 18pcs (30mmtin)
18 pieces of Inert Russian 30mm ammunition in sealed metal tin.
30mm Rounds, Inert, Russian, 54 pcs (30mmcrate)
One crate of 54pcs inert Russian 30mm rounds.
Czech URG 86 Grenade, Inert (czechgrenade)
Inert Czech URG-86SK grenade. New condition.
60mm Gas Mask Filters, Crate of 45 (60mmfiltercrate)
Crate of 45 pieces 60mm gas mask filter.
Finnish made.
New in wrap.
Yugoslavian M1 Gas Mask Set (maskm1)
Yugoslavian M1 gas mask set. 
Utilizes 60mm filter. 
Includes mask, filter, and carry case.
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