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PG-7 HEAT Round, Chinese deactivated (PG7)

Chinese PG-7 HEAT Round

For RPG-7's

These can be displayed in a RPG2 or RPG7 with the addition of our display adapter, sold separately. 

This is a real PG7 that has been deactivated and includes all components shown.

Used in good condition with some wear to the paint. The threads in the cone section have been removed as part of the demilling process, but the pieces still snap together.
RPG-7 Demil (RPG-7)

Demil RPG-7.
Used in fair condition, may show signs of heavy use.
May be Russian or Bulgarian made.
This is a non firearm, deactivated with pin welded through bore and hole cut into tube under heat shields.
Grips / heat shield color & material may vary. Metal parts may be painted or phosphated. Grip packs may be painted or bare aluminum. 
The numbered parts may be non-matching or force matched where the original number is crossed out and new number engraved in.
This item will ship directly from the distributor.
Czech RPG SK75 68mm, Training (rpg75czech)
Training use Czech RPG SK75 68mm anti tank weapon.
These are deactivated launcher tubes designed for training use. 
Non firearm, no ffl required.
New in wrap.
This item may ship directly from the distributor.
RPG Gunner's bag (rpgbag)
RPG gunner's bag, holds 2 rockets. 
Made of canvas material.
Used in good condition.
Various manufacturers.
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