M1 Garand M7 Grenade Launcher Kit


M7 Grenade Launcher Kit

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This is original military surplus.

Fits the M1 Garand Rifle.

This is the complete set of accessories. The set includes M31 practice grenade, M7 launcher, and M15 launcher sight.

The M31 inert practice grenade measures 16-3/4″ OAL. It is painted blue.

The grenade is in used, fair/poor condition. It may have rust, dings, dents, bent fins, and broken fin rivets. The grenade fins will need to be re-straightened and repaired. We recommend to either epoxy or pop rivet the fins back in place.

The M7 grenade launcher is in fair/poor condition and may have deep pitting and rust, but is otherwise usable for its intended purpose.

The M15 sights are NOS in excellent condition.